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Changes to the National Electrical Code® 2023 NEC® Edition PowerPoints®

This course is based on A Complete Guide to the 2023 NEC® Changes textbook.

Not all the photographs and graphics in this presentation are found in the textbook. This was necessary in order to keep the textbook a manageable size.
By purchasing these PowerPoints®, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:
The creator of this content has used reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information on this program. The creator makes no warranties or representations as to its accuracy and assumes no liability or responsibility for any typographical or other errors or omissions in the content.
License Agreement:
• Purchase of this program is for one user.
• This program is licensed solely for the purpose of in-person electrical education and training by the licensee.
• This presentation is prohibited from being further copied, broadcast, posted online, sublicensed, used for on-line training or in any way further distributed or displayed for any other purpose by the licensee.
You Have Permission to:
• Use this material in your training sessions.
• Print a copy of the slides for use by the instructor only.
• Add or remove slides (without modifying the slides).
You DO NOT Have Permission to:
• Make copies of this presentation.
• Print handouts of the material.
• Alter the slides, other than adding or removing them in their entirety.
• Remove the IEC logo(s) from any slide.
Item Number: IEC-COD23-PPT-G
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ATP Online Instructor Resources provide an array of blended learning tools that can be tailored to meet various course formats. This turnkey package maximizes instructional efficiency and effectiveness through detailed instructional plans, objective-based PowerPoint® presentations, and assessments (test banks) that can be used in an LMS or with test generator software.
The Online Instructor Resources include the following:

  • ATP eTextbooksare powered by RedShelf and allow access to content anytime, anywhere!
  • Instructional Guidesprovide valuable teaching tips and detailed instructional plans that include the objectives, key instructional points and figures (illustrations), and online resources that will reinforce key concepts for each chapter or section.
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  • Answer Keysare provided for review questions and activities.
  • Learner Resourcesare also provided so that you can access all of the online resources in one convenient location.

Online Learner Resources

ATP Online Learner Resources provide complimentary interactive tools that reinforce learning. These engaging resources can be easily accessed by either scanning the QR code in the book or by visiting

  • Quick Quizzes® provide a formative self-study tool and include links to where the content can be found in the book.
  • Flash Cards help learners identify key terms and definitions, symbols, tools, and/or equipment.
  • Reviews provide fillable PDFs of the review questions found in the textbook. The files can be saved and submitted to instructors.
  • The Media Library is comprised of videos and animations that reinforce key concepts and offer contextual applications.
  • Internet Resources provide links to online reference materials to support continued learning.

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